NY Displacement Map Documentation

This map was created using ArcGIS, Photoshop, and US Census data
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1. Technology and Applications

Downlod and install QGIS and Photoshop.

2. Sources of data

Download the following files, in shapefile format, from these websites:

3. Import shapefiles into QGIS

  • Open QGIS and import shapefiles
  • Adjust map projection for preferred perspective
  • Export individual layers with minimal styling and stark contrasting colors. Export outlines with no fill as separate layers. Export layers with the exact same scale and placement on page, use .png file extension and set a transparent backgrounds.

4. Import individual layers to Photoshop

Open Photoshop and load the .png images as individual layers. Begin with counties layer with outline and no fill:

Add the flooding and hurricane evacuation zone layers:

Add the housing and income layers:

Compile all layers. Adjust the opacity and coloring of each layer to identiy areas of most significant overlap:

Circle those areas as displacement zones:

Add other labels to map:

Add the grid and scale information:

Overlay grid and mapkey:

5. Finalize map

Adjust spacing, sizing, and opacity for each layer. Combine everything so it is easily ledgible at respective distances. Emphasize critical information about displacement zones: